Datasheet: Wearable Mounting Bracket Kit

Explore heightened versatility with the Doodle Labs "Wearable Mounting Bracket Kit." Precision-crafted from IP67 ruggedized Aluminum, it seamlessly integrates with our Wearable Mesh Rider products, offering a tailored solution for efficient mounting.  Committed to MIL-STD-810H standards, this kit guarantees optimal performance for Wearable Mesh Rider Radios across various applications.

The "Wearable Mounting Bracket Kit" user-friendly design incorporates a custom-developed mechanism for a secure attachment to the Wearable Smart Radio to a number of mounting surfaces. With this kit the Wearable Smart Radio can be both wall mounted or tube/pole mounted as pictured in the diagram(s) below. Its purpose is to seamlessly integrate with our Wearable Mesh Rider products, presenting a comprehensive and tailored solution for efficient mounting in diverse scenarios.

Dual-Use Design: Wall Mount & Tube Mount



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