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Mini (2023 Update) - 2x2 Multiband Mesh Rider Radio - Hardware Integration Guide

This Hardware Integration Guide provides the information to facilitate smooth integration and use of the Mini Mesh Rider Radio.

The Mini Mesh Rider Radio is a small mesh radio, capable of switching between 6 operating bands for deploying Private Wireless Networks. It is available in many frequency bands between 900 MHz and 6 GHz. The mini-OEM radio integrates Doodle Labs' Mesh Rider technology.

Hardware Description

The Mini has a primary connector which includes power, Ethernet, USB and UART ports. The interfaces are shown in Fig. 1.



Fig. 1 Wearable Mesh Rider Radio Overview

Port1. USB-Device port
Port2. Ethernet (ETH1) port
Port3. UART + RESET port
Port4. 5-V Power port
Port5. USB-Host port
Port6. 3x GPIO Port
ANT0. Mesh Rider Antenna 0 port
ANT1. Mesh Rider Antenna 1 port

Hardware Integration Notes

Power Supply Integration

Note that the Mini Mesh Rider Radio requires a 5-V supply. See the datasheet for voltage tolerance. Exceeding the rated supply voltage can cause damage to the Mesh Rider Radio.

Additional Guidelines

The Mini Mesh Rider Radio does not include galvanic isolation.

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