Design-in Documentation by Form-factor

Review all of Doodle Labs' core product offerings in each use-case optimized form-factor and a variety of frequency band combinations.

Click a specific product for our design in documentation for each radios, including datasheets, hardware and software guides, diagrams, schematics, regulatory information and more.

Mesh Rider® Radios - Current Models

Our current Mesh Rider Radio models are available in multiple use-case optimized form factors to allow you to take full advantage of the capabilities of our Mesh Rider OS in any system you’re building.



Mesh Rider® Radios - Legacy Models

Our legacy Mesh Rider radio models are not recommended for new designs. For existing customers of the Embedded and External form factors, we are continuing supply. Though we recommend everyone consider upgrading to the current models, which have been optimized in hardware design and are all multiband capable.



Industrial Wi-Fi Transceivers

For nearly a decade, we have provided tens of thousands of Industrial Wi-Fi Transceivers to leaders in some of the world’s most regulated and complex industries, including robotics, aviation, industrial production and defense.


Industrial Wi-Fi Transceivers

   wifi-acn-ind-01  wifi-acn-out-01 11ax (black case) - hero 1

Wi-Fi 4 (11n)

2 x 2 NM-DB-2 NO-DB-2  
3 x 3 NM-DB-3 NO-DB-3  

Wi-Fi 5 (11ac)

2 x 2 ACM-DB-2 ACO-DB-2  
3 x 3 ACM-DB-3 ACO-DB-3  

Wi-Fi 6 (11ax)

4 x 4     11AX (Wi-Fi 6) Transceiver